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my Day At Lemond’s Salon And Spa


It’s called Fashion Brenda, look it up

Life is short, switch it up!


Acid Wash Basics




Blush Rose in Scottsdale and Life Update


Mykel Elizabeth Signature Collection

I am excited to be showing you another skirt from my collection. This has been such a creative process for me, and I have had so much fun doing what I love. I hope you enjoy these designs as much as I do.

Photo Jul 14, 10 46 06 AM.jpg

Summer Styles With JC Penney

I have been getting back into my braids, and I am loving it. I did a photoshoot for JC Penney and I wanted to share the look with you all.

Photo Jul 02, 11 24 15 PM.jpg

Stripes in Charleston

Something about Charleston makes you want to wear dresses and tassel earrings, or maybe that was just me. I really felt like my sense of style was embraced in such a beautiful town. Here is one of my favorite outfits that I wore while in Charleston


Mykel Elizabeth Signature Collection

I am excited to be sharing with you another one of my Signature Looks that I have created! This has been such a fun and creative process for me and it has been so amazing to get to share with you something that I love so much.


Green is the new black

I have mentioned this previously on my blog, but I have been mixing up patterns more lately and branching out of my usual neutral tones. this was an example of this as I sported a vintage white and green dress with a orange/red lip and soft brows. The earrings were a statement earring that I chose last minute because I wanted to add an extra vintage feel.


Mykel Elizabeth Signature Collection


I am so excited to be sharing my own design on my blog today! I am sharing why I began designing, where my inspiration comes from, a little more about my creative process, and how I got started.