Q) Will you start traveling more?

A) Yes! I recently decided that traveling was something I wanted to incorporate more, so I have been planning trips for 2019.


Q) Where is your dream place to travel to?

A) I think everywhere has it's own beauty. Sometimes when people talk about all these exotic, famously scenic places they want to travel to, it makes me wonder how much we don't appreciate the places that we live. Arizona was not the most beautiful place to me at first, but I have found so much beauty in it. I think there is nothing wrong with wanting to travel abroad, but I have decided that I always want to appreciate where I live, and the beauty that is unique to that place. That being said, there are places abroad I would love to travel to that I feel the culture speaks to my heart, specifically London, and Greece. I have a lot of family in Colon, Panama, so I hope to make a trip there in 2019 to start off my year of travel. 


Q) When you travel, how do you pack smart?

A) I always laugh at this question because I think it was because my dad was in the Navy, and although when I was raised he wasn't still in the Navy, he still packed like he did! My father traveled a lot for work when I was younger, and I would stay up late to talk to him while he packed, and I guess I was learning his ways! I had to either get good at packing, or pay extra for luggage.  I have been working on a post about how to pack for various trips, so be on the lookout for that!