Q) Do you wear hair extensions?

A) I get asked this question more than any other hair question. Yes, I do wear hair extensions, which is something I have done for about 6 years. I have always had fine hair, and I have never felt myself embracing the shorter cuts that people with fine hair are often suggested at salons, so thankfully I live in a time where extensions exist! I wear Luxy Hair Extensions 20 inch, in ash blonde, but recently have been wearing their seamless set!



Q) Will you ever cut your hair short?

A) I go back and forth on if I will cut it shorter in the next few years, but I also feel a lot of pressure to cut my hair because I am heavily involved in the fashion and beauty industry, and if I do cut my hair I want it to be because I want to, not because somebody else suggested it would look good on me. I enjoy styling my hair, and I especially enjoy styling long hair.



Q) Did you used to have black hair?

A) Yes! Only my family and close friends, or people I know before the year 2014 know this (or if you have gone to the early stages of my instagram) but I used to have very dark hair. I am naturally a level 7, which is a dark blonde, but I always had dark brows so I figured my hair should match so I always had black hair. All but one of my sisters is naturally blonde (our dad is part Hispanic, so he has very dark features, and my mother has very light features) so, after a while I decided I wanted to make a transition to blonde. I did a lot of damage to my hair when I did that, so I recommend doing the transition to blonde as slowly as possible to keep your hair from too much damage.



Q) How often should you get your hair cut?

A) I get this question more as a cosmetologist educator than I do as a blogger, but I thought I would add it to this FAQ'S. You should cut your hair ever 4-6 weeks to maintain the shape of your haircut, or every 6-8 weeks for maintenance of split ends, and dead ends. This prevents the hair from breaking up the hair shaft, causing more damage. Even if you want long locks, you still need trims.




Q) How did you learn how to braid?

A) I am a cosmetologist by trade, and I am now a cosmetology educator, so it has all just been learned along the way. I have always had a special interest in styling hair, so it became a hobby. I took classes, I watched videos, and I practiced a lot.



Q) What is your favorite hairstyle?

A) I really love beachy waves. Victoria Secret Model, Romee Strijd has my dream hair. It never looks over done, but always beautiful. I love when hair looks as naturally styled as possible. However, a good braid never hurt ;)



Q) How do you blend extensions?

A) My biggest tips are to be realistic about your extensions. If you have short hair, stay away from the 22'' hair extensions! Let your extension lengths get longer as your natural hair does, so it stays naturally looking.

Next, tease or backcomb your hair to hide tracks.

I also think it's important to brush them throughout the day, so they stay blended.



Q) How can I make my hair grow longer?

A) Vitamins! Regular trims! And really try to avoid heat. The more naturally it can be, the better. That is why I love braids, it helps style your hair without any heat. I also suggest seeing how long you can go without coloring it, especially if you are a blonde. Rock a shadow root for a while, keep your highlights to a minimum while you try and grow your hair. Also, use high quality masques and treatments to help repair the cuticle.