Q.) Where are you from?

A.) I am from Michigan. I grew up in a small town just south of East Lansing, and then I moved to East Lansing before I headed out West. 


Q.) What brought you to Arizona?

A.) I moved to Arizona to become a teacher, and the program I wanted (at the time) was only offered in Phoenix. Then I really fell in love with the team I work with and so I have stayed. I have been in AZ for about two years now.



Q.) What do you like to do on days off?

A.) My ideal day would be time spent with family or friends. I also spend a majority of my days off work doing blog photoshoots, or meetings, or sometimes just editing pictures and journaling new ideas. I will be honest, I always have to be doing something, so it can be hard for me to just have a day off where I have nothing to do. It is extremely rare for me. But I am usually found crafting, or road tripping. Things I find exciting. Yes, I find crafting exciting!


Q.) How tall are you?

A.) I am five foot, six inches.



Q.) What is your biggest pet peeve?

A.) Ignorance. And small minded concepts.



Q.) How many siblings do you have?

A.) I have five beautiful sisters, I am the middle. Two older, and three younger.




Q.) How many places have you lived?

A.) I have lived in Michigan, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. And we will see where I go next!