Q) What do you like to do for fitness?

A) I always get bored with my fitness routine and quit, so about 8 months or so ago I signed up at a gym that is really big and offers so many classes. They have absolutely everything you can think of. I do a lot of strength training. I used to be an avid runner, but lately I have really been focusing on weights and lengthening muscle.


Q) What is your favorite place to travel to?

A) The South. I used to spend summers in South Carolina and Georgia with my Aunt and cousins, and I have always loved it. I went back to Charleston recently, and I was reminded how much I love the southern charm. 


Q) What is your day to day?

Most days are the same for me. I wake up very early (4am) most days, and head to the gym. I spend a few hours investing in my health, then I go to work. After work I usually will stop by the gym again (they are right next to one another) and do a short 30 minute workout just to get my mind off work. Then, I come home and work on blog stuff. I go to bed pretty early.

Monday and Tuesday are my blog days. I schedule photo shoots, I spend a majority of these days getting back to companies, writing posts, scheduling posts, and planning future posts. They are busy days, and they go fast. I really enjoy my blogging days. Usually on other days I will still work on the blog, but I really like to focus on my other job of being an educator, and investing in my students education, so I really try to keep them seperate. However, my blog does help me to stay inspired in my industry as well, so they go hand in hand pretty well.