About Mykel Elizabeth

Hello! Thank you for stopping by Lady By Mykel Elizabeth. I hope that by reading, you will find inspiration to embrace your own personal style and creativity. 

I love fashion; I love designing, creating, and sewing. Patterns, colors, and textures in various styles is something I have found inspiring and has drawn me to the Fashion Industry since I was little. I don't think Fashion comes in the form of price tags, and I love the creativity that comes from mixing patterns, colors and styles. Everybody has their own sense of style and I believe in embracing that!

I love beauty; from lipstick to setting spray!  I am a cosmetologist by trade and love to teach what I've learned and continue to learn. From my favorite skin care products, to updo's and braids.

Also, I think it's so important to embrace about ourselves what sets us apart and makes us different. I believe that there is so much beauty in everything and that "beauty" comes in so many forms. I believe in embracing your own style and beauty, and I hope that this blog is a place where you will find the inspiration to do that.